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Orange Blossom Honey

Orange blossom honey is produced from orange tree flowers around the beginning of May. This honey has a particularly light colour and it is very aromatic and light. It is known for its cosmetic properties and its stress-relieving and soothing effect. Its crystallisation time usually varies from one to three months.

Thyme Blossom Honey

The best honey of the Cypriot landscape. Strong and lasting taste, strong aromatic features and light amber colour all contained in one drop! Thyme blossom honey is collected from the beginning of July until the end of August. Once collected, the honey is carefully filtered and packaged into vases within a month of its collection at our modern installations. It is then stored at a dark, dry place with continuous low temperature, ready to be released for consumption as offered by the rich Cypriot landscape with the care and guarantee of the “Ayii Anargyri” family.

Mountain Blossom Honey

From the blooming hillsides, meadows and mountains of the Cypriot countryside, the bees naturally blend the nectar from a feast of wild flowers and herbs they find in their way, many of which are unique. Mountain blossom honey is the sweetest honey produced from the Cypriot landscape, with mild taste, light colour and balanced floral aromas.

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Our story is set in the unchanged natural landscape of the region of Ayii Anargyri in Miliou village in Paphos district, the place of origin of Petros Dionysiou: a man who carries a long-established tradition in beekeeping, since 1975 to this date.

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